By producing rubber tiles, Elastful has joined worldwide efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and give a second life to already extracted raw materials. We produce with cold press technology, which makes children’s games and sports training even safer and everyday life more comfortable.

Local solutions to a global problem

Millions of tons of used tires are thrown into the trash every year. Tires don't end up in the landfill,
but we turn them into a safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly flooring.

The use of recycled rubber in the production of goods creates a 20 times smaller CO2 footprint than the use of new materials.

Elastful has joined the European Green Course, which envisages the recycling of as many products as possible for reuse.

This implies not just reduced waste and environmental harm during resource extraction, but also decreased expenses for end-users when it comes to finished products.

Elastful - LIAA business incubator member

The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) believed in our idea, and in April 2022 we became
a member of the business incubator.

We stand behind what we do, and we are constantly working to improve our products to ensure that we deliver the best possible value to our customers.

From tires to safe rubber surfaces

All over the European Union, some end-of-life tires are recycled.

Rubber granules are obtained from recycled tires.

Using a special technology, we produce rubber floor tiles from granules.

Children's playgrounds, sports fields, rubber flooring for the house and garden.

Our values


Modern society consumes an enormous amount of resources to satisfy its needs. Nature and the environment suffer from it. We advocate the efficient use of recycled materials in value-added products.


In our understanding, longevity is not limited to the lifetime of the product. Our rubber floor tiles are made from granules obtained by recycling truck tires. After wear and tear, rubber tiles can be recycled again, thus extending the life of the raw material three times or even four times!


For the Elastful team, it is important that children can play safely, athletes reach their goals without injuries and everyday life is more comfortable.