It is important to install not only a safe playground or sports field surface, but also safe borders. Elastful rubber edgings, similar to traditional concrete edgings, are installed in concrete.

Ensures the stability of the rubber tile area

Safer than concrete edges, non-slip surface

It is possible to match the color to the rubber tiles

where elastful rubber edging is suitable

Safe edges for limiting rubber tile areas

Our rubber edging provides excellent stability of the rubber tile area and reduces the risk of serious injuries near the edges of the area.


Outdoor sports fields

Public parks and

Elastful rubber edges

Technical information

The size of the rubber edge is 500 × 200 × 50 mm.

They are made from 1-3 mm diameter SBR rubber granules. To avoid movement of the pavement and to ensure excellent stability, they must be concreted.


Rubber edging color options

Choose your favorite color.
It is possible to match the color of the rubber edging to the color of the rubber tiles.

Elastful rubber edges

Certificate of compliance

The certificate of SIA "Bureau Veritas Latvia" certifies the compliance of rubber tiles with the EU standard EN 1177:2018.


2 year warranty

The service life of rubber edging is on average 10-15 years, it depends on the external conditions and the intensity of use. Elastful provides a 2-year warranty.

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